Locking Systems International Inc

Company Description

Locking Systems International (LSI) was founded in 1994 and is a manufacturer & distributor of locks and physical security equipment. LSI offers lock and security products for many industries including fuel dispensers, air and vac equipment, vending machines and retail storefronts. 
We are a factory sales and service center for Abloy and Medeco high-security locks and the manufacturer of Cobra locks, including our patented Cobra7 key design and Universal hockey puck padlock. We have also developed many unique security products for the petroleum industry including our locking card reader cage & folding puck lock hasp.   Every lock we sell is assembled in our Orlando, Florida facility to your unique key code eliminating the days of everyone having the same key for your equipment. All key codes and lock data are stored in Code lock up, our in-house records database.


Maintenance / Safety

  • Security & Surveillance Equipment
  • Security / Cameras / Loss Prevention